National Leadership Team


Natalia Rosa

Director of Education

Natalia began her journey in NCFCA as a competitor. Since then, Natalia has been a part of NCFCA as an alumna, volunteer judge, club leader, and now Director of Education and Marketing. Natalia is married to Zachary Rosa, whom she happened to meet through NCFCA.

Natalia is the editor of The NCFCA Comprehensive Guide to Speech. She holds a degree in Christian Leadership, has taught leadership and life skills classes at a public middle school, and has also trained rising leaders in one of America’s Fortune 500 companies. Natalia has spoken on television and the radio in Mexico and in the U.S. and strongly believes critical thinking and communication skills are essential to impacting culture. She experienced incredible growth in her own life as a result of speech and debate training and is passionate about equipping students to Communicate Truth and Transform Culture in their corners of the world as well.