2021 Competition Season Update


NCFCA depends on judges to make our tournaments run smoothly.

Sign-up to become a Judge

The diverse NCFCA judging pool includes experienced judges (both those with NCFCA experience and those from other leagues), lay judges, affiliated judges (e.g., parents and coaches), community judges, and judges with worldviews which are both similar to and different from those of NCFCA competitors.

When You Arrive to Judge

1.  Check in with the Judge Greeter and pick up your nametag!

2.  Pick up a ballot from our Ballot Distribution area. You will be asked a few questions to ensure you receive the ideal ballot.

3.  Attend a Judge Training session if you have not viewed the training video prior to arrival.

4.  Make your way to your room and judge the round. After the round, return to Judge Area to fill out your ballot and enjoy refreshments.

5.  Turn your completed ballot in at the Ballot Return table. Your round is complete!