judge2-imageSpeech and debate is successful in large part because of the efforts of those individuals who volunteer to provide our students with constructive feedback. NCFCA has a unique judging philosophy and places a high value on training our students to be able to communicate effectively with people from all walks of life. To make that happen, we invite parents, coaches, alumni and many members of the community to volunteer their time to listen to and critique our students.

We depend equally on both types of judges. Our affiliated judges (parents, coaches, and alumni) give our students a level of specialized feedback based on their background and experience with speech and debate and the topic at hand, which is vital to the students’ development. We also depend heavily on our community judges to evaluate the students from a fresh, “every-man” perspective, so NO experience is required or necessarily desired.

Everyone falls into one of these two categories: Individuals that are connected to NCFCA (affiliated judges) and those individuals that are not connected to NCFCA (community judges), and we need you all!

So, how can you help?  Simple! Get some friends together and register today to judge at a tournament near you. Because NCFCA holds over 50 tournaments a year and has such great student participation, we are faced with the monumental task of finding thousands of community judges across the country to evaluate our competitors. We need you!

In exchange for your two to three hour commitment:

  • you will receive a clear and straightforward orientation on what to expect by our helpful and friendly judge orientation staff,
  • you will be exceptionally well-fed by our fabulous hospitality staff, and
  • you will be thoroughly impressed and entertained by our incredible speakers! (To hear what other judges have to say about their NCFCA experience, click here!)


If you are interested in participating, simply click on the map below to find a tournament near you.


Please feel free to contact your State and Regional Leadership as well to make sure you are contacted when a new event becomes available in your area!