2021 Competition Season Update

Online Rules Posted!

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Online Rules Posted!

We are pleased to announce that rules and protocols for online competition have been added to the NCFCA Resource Library! Rather than publishing a list of modifications to apply to the event rules, we have published an online version of each rules document with the modifications incorporated for you. We mentioned last week that we have also included protocol sections to guide us as we prepare for a new tournament environment. You will find online debate rules, online general speech rules, and online event-specific speech rules to read, study, and apply! Search the keyword “online” or toggle “Online Competition” in the Resource Library for easy access. We are excited to see you grow and thrive in the new arena of online competition. 

Next week, look for more answers to your FAQs!

Do you have a question?

We will continue to provide information and answer questions in the coming weeks. Remember, if you have suggestions for questions we could answer in upcoming competition updates, feel free to submit them! If you have a specific question about a speech or debate rule, email SpeechCommittee@NCFCA.org or DebateCommittee@NCFCA.org

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