Transcript Request Form

Transcript Request

NCFCA is pleased to offer you the benefit of having official recognition of your participation in the league. An Official NCFCA Transcript provides a record of your skills and diligent preparation, as well as recognition of your achievements. At its core, NCFCA is committed to both academic and personal excellence with regards to helping students learn to think critically and articulate graciously. Colleges and Universities recognize the value of the skills gained through the high standard of competitive excellence in NCFCA and actively look for these skills in potential students. You can use your Official NCFCA Transcript as you build your resume, apply for scholarships, or register for college.

To order a transcript:

1) Go to your NCFCA Dashboard, select NCFCA Store and then choose the “Transcript” product. The initial cost is $20 to create and mail your first transcript and only $5 for each subsequent transcript requested. There will be a separate product for each of these.

2) Specify the number of transcripts you would like to request. Proceed to check out. Please note that you will need your invoice number.

3) Next, select “Transcript” located under Affiliate Resources on the NCFCA Dashboard.

4) Fill out the specific information about where and to whom the transcript should be sent in the text/comments box. (Please have this information and your invoice number handy before you begin this process.)

5) Your transcripts will be sent within a week of your request, and you will get an email confirmation when the transcripts have been mailed.