NCFCA Season Cancellation Notice

Student Advisory Council

The Student Advisory Council (SAC) is an interactive forum for student representatives and NCFCA leadership.

As members of the SAC, students:

  • Network with NCFCA leaders and other students
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Share input on a variety of topics
  • Brainstorm solutions to relevant issues
  • Serve as ambassadors for NCFCA

During twice a month meetings, students and leadership together study what it means to lead in a Christ-like manner and discuss direct application to issues in and around the league.

2019-2020 Student Advisory Council

Region 1: Nate Higashi
Region 2: Joey Ooi, Silas Paul
Region 3: Kara Keathley, Caeden Reeves
Region 5: Laura Anderson, Jakob Myers
Region 6: Kara Wright, Paul Knipmeyer
Region 7: Miranda Hall, Lawson Roberts
Region 8: Taylor Walters, Charlie Curtis
Region 9: Natasha Pasui, Dwuma Sarpong
Region 10: Lillian Steinhauser, Spencer Min
Region 11: Grace Kirchhofer, Samuel Cavanna
Region 12: David Chapek, Jala Boyer

The Student Advisory Council (SAC) consists of representatives, one male and one female, from each region. Qualified students will be at least 16 years old on or before January 1, 2020 and have participated in NCFCA for a minimum of two years (including the current season). Each SAC term runs for one year, from National Championship to National Championship. Commitment for participation includes availability for two teleconference meetings a month from August to June. There are also optional opportunities for onsite meetings at each National Open and the National Championship.