2017-2018 Speech and Debate Events Announced

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Debate Topics

(Final wording subject to change)

Team Policy
Resolved: The United States should significantly reform its policies regarding higher education.

Lincoln Douglas Choices
Resolved: Nationalism ought to be valued above globalism.

Speech Events

Continuing Events:
Biblical Presentation
Biographical Narrative
Duo Interpretation
Illustrated Oratory
Open Interpretation
Original Interpretation

Returning Events:
After Dinner Speaking
Original Oratory

25 Responses to “2017-2018 Speech and Debate Events Announced”

  1. Rachel says : Reply

    When will the specifics regarding the short film contest be published? Thank you! 😊

  2. Davis says : Reply

    Is there no platform anymore?

    • Diana Hines says : Reply

      We will have four platform speech events: After Dinner Speaking, Biographical Narrative, Illustrated Oratory, and Original Oratory.

  3. Kathy Slappy says : Reply

    I have a daughter and two grandchildren that I teach as one class in my home, may they be considered as one family? We are interested in joining. Thank you for replying as soon as possible.

  4. Rachel E Pruski says : Reply

    What is the schedule for the 2017-18 national opens?

    • Diana Hines says : Reply

      Hello Rachel! Here are the dates for the National Opens.

      University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
      Gruenhagen Conference Center
      Oshkosh, WI
      January 3-6, 2018

      Ridgecrest Conference Center
      Black Mountain, NC
      February 5-8, 2018

      March dates for March Mixers (open to all NCFCA Affiliates) coming soon.

  5. Linda Masella says : Reply

    When will the descriptions and rules for the new speech events be posted on the website?

  6. Kelly says : Reply

    We are strongly considering joining as a new family and want to have enough information to recruit other homeschool students. Is there somewhere on the webpage that talks specifically about dates, locations, and times of regional tournaments, etc…? We are in Grand Rapids, MI 49503, so believe we are Region 6. Thank you for your help!

    • Amy Canaday says : Reply

      Hi Kelly,
      We are in Indiana, also in Region 6. We, too, are waiting with bated breath for the announcement of the regional qualifier dates! Once the dates and locations are confirmed, NCFCA will post them to upcoming events and competitive opportunities. For now, we just wait.
      As a new family, it is “easy” to only participate in the practice tournaments through the fall semester. However, students gain more experience and confidence participating in the qualifying tournaments. They have a bigger opportunity to watch and listen to other more experienced speakers, in an “iron sharpens iron” sort of way. As parents, we gain a broader understanding of the speech topics and how to help our students sharpen their speeches and delivery. Furthermore, the relationships and friendships that are formed are truly precious.
      Overall, what my students have gained from belonging to and affiliating with the NCFCA organization is so worth it!! It takes a while for the fruit to bear. But now, heading into our 4th year with NCFCA, we absolutely love the whole process. The writing, editing, and polishing of speeches, the research skills of debate, learning to think on your feet, the critical thinking and logic skills that we practice, the weariness from a full day of competition, the lessons learned through the course of the tournament, learning to dress and comport oneself in a professional manner, the skills that are honed and the passion this all puts in my kids to do their very very best – it is all so worth it.
      So, DO affiliate! And DO encourage other famillies to do the same! And if you need any help navigating the process, the NCFCA staff is so amazing and will certainly be there to help you.
      Kind regards,
      Amy Canaday
      Proclaim Club, Indiana

      • Krista Frauenholtz says : Reply

        Hi Amy,

        Do you know of any NCFCA chapters in Bloomington, Indiana? I have friends who may be interested. Thanks!

    • Diana Hines says : Reply

      The schedule is being finalized and will be announced very soon.

  7. John says : Reply

    Is Moot Court not coming back?

  8. Nathan Wright says : Reply

    When will the Short Film theme be announced? I’m really excited to get started with my film!


  9. Julia Brousseau says : Reply

    Could you please explain what a “March mixer” is? Thank you!

    • Diana Hines says : Reply

      The March Mixers are unique, more local opportunities to compete with students from around the country for slots to the National Championship. It is akin to a mini National Open.

  10. Linda says : Reply

    What is the tournament schedule for Region 2?

  11. Nancy says : Reply

    Is the Short Film theme available?

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