Student Advisory Council

The Student Advisory Council (SAC) is a forum for direct communication and recommendation between students and the NCFCA leadership. As members of the Council, students will share their voices on a variety of topics and work to create evidence-based solutions for select issues that are important to students and their regions. They will also serve as ambassadors for NCFCA, engaging their community, and working to further the mission of the organization. The purpose of the Student Advisory Council is to promote the development and growth of NCFCA, provide a connection between National leadership and our students, and to provide a venue for representation of and response to student concerns.

Serving on the Student Advisory Council provides students with many opportunities to represent the voices of other students, develop leadership skills, network, and gain valuable, résumé-building experiences. Council members gain mentors and learn how to mentor others. Through these experiences, they also gain invaluable insight into the importance of godly leadership.

2017-2018 Student Advisory Council

Region 2: Aidan Hollister, Maggie Paul

Region 3: Rachel Hamilton, Kaden Sangray

Region 4: Mason Prewitt, Rachel Pruski

Region 5: Mary Montgomery, William Scheopner

Region 6: Zachary Davis, Hannah Westfallen

Region 7: Noah Foster, Rachel Leech

Region 8: Jonathan Carleton, Leah Folkert

Region 9: Lydia Eskelund, Elliot Paul

Region 10: Jed Jones, Lindsay Murch

The Student Advisory Council consists of up to 20 students from across the country, one male and one female from each region. Each term will run for a period of one year, from National Championship to the following National Championship. A student may serve a maximum of two terms.Involvement in the SAC consists of meetings at each National Open, and the National Championship (attendance not required, but there will be a meeting for those members in attendance), one group meeting via electronic communication such as teleconference or “GoToMeeting” in the fall, and various additional opportunities to connect with the NCFCA leadership on an ongoing basis.

The application period will be from March 26th through May 14, 2018. To qualify for membership, each candidate must be a junior or senior who has competed for at least two seasons before serving on the SAC, and must be 16 or older during their year of service. The candidate must be well-rounded, demonstrating excellence through leadership, academics, extracurricular activities, and service to the community. In order to be considered, the candidate will also need to submit brief letters of recommendation from no less than two (2) and no more than three (3) individuals who can speak to both the commitment and character of the candidate. Suggestions for these individuals are a coach, Regional Director, pastor, employer, community leader, etc. These letters of recommendation may be submitted via the link below directly from these individuals.

To submit an application, please click here. (The application period for the 2018-2019 council has ended.)

Please forward this link to those whom you would like to submit a recommendation on your behalf.