One Day NCFCA events strive to offer an abbreviated, low-cost competitive opportunity for students of all ages and experience levels to receive constructive feedback as they hone their critical thinking and communication skills. 

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    One Day NCFCA events are non-qualifying practice events that allow students to develop and polish their critical thinking, public speaking and argumentation skills.

    One Day NCFCA events can vary in size depending on the tournament location.

    One Day NCFCA Events can be held on any date during the current academic year. Click here to view the current calendar or log in to your NCFCA account.

    Any of the speech categories offered for the current NCFCA season as well as Lincoln-Douglas and Team Policy debate are available for One Day NCFCA events. Category and style selections may vary from one event to another.


    Both Affiliates and non-Affiliates are welcome to participate in One Day NCFCA events. Age eligibility is determined by the Event Coordinator. Please check the information document for the event that you are interested in attending.


    Affiliated families may register by logging in to their Affiliate Dashboard. Non-Affiliated families will need to create a free NCFCA account to access the registration link.


    Participants should submit the registration fee according to the instructions given on the event invoice. Payments for registration will not be accepted through the NCFCA registration site.

One Day NCFCA events may be hosted by Affiliates. To begin the process, purchase the One Day NCFCA product from the NCFCA store. After purchase, you will receive additional information by email. The purchase price is $25 for affiliated clubs or $50 for non-affiliated clubs. Additionally, the club will be billed (via your NCFCA shopping cart) 10% of registration fees at the conclusion of the event.

Resources provided for One Day NCFCA Events

  • “How to” planning guide for event coordinators
  • Event listing on the NCFCA website
  • "Online registration and management
  • Registration list
  • Check-in list
  • Speech ballots, debate ballots, and documentation via the NCFCA website
  • Judge Orientation video (2016-2017 edition)
  • Standard topics for Limited Preparation events
  • Pre-loaded panels of students for speech and debate rounds, judge worksheets, debate ballots, limited prep topics, and postings