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Below are testimonials from some of our amazing students.

“In eighth grade, my mom came to me and told me that I was going to join a speech and debate club. As an introverted boy who would much rather play sports than do school, let alone get up and speak in front of an audience, I was terrified by the idea. I remember trying to talk my mom out of it but I was unsuccessful…

I look back on the years I spent in the NCFCA as the best years in my life. I learned so much and met my best friends over those five years. Now, I am at a state school and taking an introduction to philosophy course. For the past two weeks, we have been discussing arguments for and against the existence of God. I cannot tell you how speech and debate has prepared me for situations like this. My faith was challenged but I did not waiver. I stood strong asking questions and defending my beliefs.

The reason that I chose to attend this school was because during my junior year I decided I wanted to be a physical therapist. But during my last year of speech and debate I asked myself the question, “How can I use the skills I gained through speech and debate to glorify God?” I came to realize that what my heart really desired and what God was calling me to do was not physical therapy. He was calling me to be a pastor, using my skills to advance His kingdom. This fall I will be attending Moody Bible Institute in Chicago and majoring in Theology and Pastoral Ministry.

I say all this to say, if it had not been for NCFCA that little introverted boy who was terrified of public speaking would not be committing the rest of his life to advancing the kingdom of God through public speaking.”
– A. Cullen – IN

“NCFCA debate played a tremendous role in developing my own independent learning, research, critical thinking, and oral presentation skills. As a 1L at OCU Law, I’ve been actively involved with student organizations, including a couple moot court teams and acting as the law school’s senator for the undergraduate student government organization (SGA). I continually draw on my experiences as a debater to advocate sound policy in SGA and form cogent arguments both in the classroom and in SGA.

More importantly, through the apologetics individual events, I was also able to explore and solidify my faith. Wanting to do well in the rounds forced me to think about and explain “the meaning and significance of the Trinity,” etc. Amid that research, I found myself coming to know my God and understand His nature. My Bible still has notes from those days, and I treasure them.”
– S. McDivitt – WA

“This last week at the National Championship left an indelible mark on my heart, just as every tournament has. I have been involved in many competitions outside of the NCFCA (many of them on a national level), but I’ve never experienced the joy exuded by competitor and staff and judge alike anywhere but in this league…

In Holy Scripture, the New Testament often describes a special joy that exists in the community of believers despite any sufferings or disappointments they might experience. Wherever two or more people are gathered in Christ’s name, there was peace and happiness. We in the NCFCA share this Christ-centered mindset, and like the early Christians go through a lot together. I think the joy they shared is the same as the joy we share.

Officially, I have now joined the ranks of NCFCA alumni, but I still belong to the NCFCA. This league hasn’t just developed my skill: it has changed my heart and the way I see the world. That won’t change. The bonds I have made are permanent; the character I have developed is lasting. It’s now my turn to take the courage and critical thinking of the NCFCA to the rest of the world, and to come back and contribute to the development of others by judging.

Thank you again for making this possible, not just for me, but for hundreds of other NCFCA competitors. You are changing lives and making the future a beautiful, hopeful prospect. I pray that God will continue to bless you and the work of your hands.”
– E. Raabe – TX

“I’ve been involved with NCFCA as both a competitor and a coach. I am extremely grateful for the opportunities the league has provided. Debate was literally life-changing for me, sharpening my reasoning and communication skills and setting me on a course for my current job as a teacher. I truly believe I wouldn’t be where I am today if NCFCA hadn’t challenged and inspired me during high school.

As a coach, I encourage homeschooled students to participate in NCFCA events, regardless of their natural inclinations toward speech and debate. I’ve seen novices develop confidence and excitement about public speaking, while more experienced students gain a polish and skill level that would be impossible without high-level competition. Not only do they get excited about communication, they are also learning critical thinking, intellectual curiosity, and research skills. I am so grateful that NCFCA makes these unique opportunities available to homeschoolers!”
– D. Vogel – NC

“NCFCA was an opportunity to participate in a league that truly focuses on Christ as the center of communication, reason, and relationships. Because of NCFCA’s witness of integrity and excellence, I have grown closer to the Lord and have become better equipped to do his will. I am and will always be grateful for NCFCA and its incredible influence upon my life.”
– C. Headrick – LA