Read what people are saying about NCFCA

Below are testimonials from some of our parents.

“…Speech and debate require my children to develop excellent listening, writing, and speaking skills…judging at Speech and Debate tournaments restores my hope for the future. It’s a chance to share joys and thoughts with other like-minded parents…a place where the “cool” kids are well-dressed, polite and well-spoken, thoughtful and even prayerful…I love NCFCA!”
– Andrew Pudewa, NCFCA Parent and Director of Institute for Excellence in Writing

“NCFCA speech and debate has been such a blessing to our family! It has answered our prayer that our children would think globally and act locally. It amazes us to see these talented young men and women recommending and analyzing government policy on difficult issues. Truly they are becoming arrows in the hands of a mighty God!”
– Tracy Bock – IN

“NCFCA is not all about academics. For my family NCFCA has been therapy. My son has a very mild form of Aspbergers and while he excelled in academics, his social skills and physical coordination were lagging. In a public school setting he was ostracized for his differences. When we joined NCFCA we found students who accepted him, encouraged him, and drew him out of his isolation to join them in not just speech and debate events, but in games and conversations at club meetings, get togethers, and tournaments.
The coaching he received worked on the same skills that the recommended “Social Skills Workshops” would have worked on, such as maintaining eye contact, reading body language and facial expressions, voice and volume control, and realizing the implied meaning in dialect-not just the literal wording. The wonderful people we were around did all of this in a spirit of love that made a huge difference in my son.”
– A.M. Lorton – VA

“It is our first year participating with NCFCA. Noah, the participant, is the youngest of four home-educated brothers. They have been homeschooled all the way through the school years…..two have graduated college, one is a freshman, and Noah is bringing up the rear. I feel sad that the other boys did not get this experience, but, I am so thrilled for Noah! Since it was his first real tournament he was particularly nervous and I am really proud that he pushed himself through it. I know it is making a difference in his heart already. He thinks that this is extra-curricular but my intention is to make it an integral part of every area of our homeschool….so that he will “….always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks [him] to give the reason for the hope that [he has]….” 1 Peter 3:15”
– Ellen Keyes – FL

“Let me share my favorite glimpse into NCFCA’s impact on our family. Last year was our first year. The kids had gone to one practice tournament and done well, but at the next two qualifiers, they were disappointed with their efforts. “A new case” was the decision. Ha! I told my husband, “It’s not that easy”. Over that next week it was a family event to learn about a new technology, environmental harm, the financing of multi-million dollar proposals in the private sector. We ended up with another opportunity to work together, discover facts, learn respect and provide understanding. I know there are innumerable activities to get your kids involved in. We also support other activities…but nothing gives our whole family what speech and debate has through NCFCA.”
– Jody Cantey – IL

“After eight years of being an Affiliate family, NCFCA has given our family the most ‘bang for the buck’ … It is a family sacrifice, not just a subject to be added on a transcript. Yet it is the family that will reap the rewards if one is committed to NCFCA. This league’s vision of ‘addressing real world issues in a biblical manner that glorifies God’ does not just apply to the students. I have learned so many of life’s lessons alongside my children over these nine years. Here are just a few:


~ Ultimately, it is the Great Judge that we serve, not the one holding the ballot.
~ I don’t need to know every detail in order to be supportive and submissive.
~ Ministry is messy, time consuming, energy draining and worth it.
~ Success is measured in more than just pins, trophies and ribbons.
~ Friendships and siblings that serve each other are sacred and holy to the LORD.
~ Definitions matter.
~ Values matter.


We received an education in how to listen for truth…Put another way, NCFCA develops leadership across the generations… this is one of the paybacks of being committed to NCFCA. Leadership is developed in the adults just as much as the students… Each time the parents, community and alumnus play their part in our league, the body of Christ grows in leadership.


I cannot say it does not cost… I can only say that witnessing God’s moving in the commitment to be men of excellence that the vehicle of NCFCA has provided for our family, it was worth it. “
– Michelle Dean – FL

“The reasons we are thankful for NCFCA are numerous:

1. NCFCA puts our children in a like-minded peer group where homeschool and education are taken seriously.
2. NCFCA raises the standard of excellence – both in dress and behavior.
3. NCFCA has provided a huge social outlet for our children.
4. NCFCA has taught them, through debate, to listen – really listen. Team Policy debate taught them incredible research and documentation skills that make college research papers a breeze. Debate has taught them to argue with gentleness and kindness.
5. NCFCA teaches them to live outside themselves as they share information and skills pertinent to their own debate case, with other competitors. It is the beautiful, Christ-like standard.
6. NCFCA has given our children confidence, poise, grace and the ability to speak slowly and enunciate clearly so their message, whatever the message is that God gives them, can be heard, understood and impactful.


In summary, NCFCA is the best extra-curricular activity a family can choose to help lay a solid foundation in rearing children with a Biblical worldview.”
– Shane Roberts – TN

“Outside of our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, our involvement in NCFCA is the most defining thing that my family has been involved with. It not only taught my children communication skills but it helped define who they are as young adults in their leadership skills and their ability to impact our world.”
– Mark Meadows, NCFCA Parent and US Congressman

“Two of my sons now have their master’s degrees and one just graduated from college early. They have told me that NCFCA speech and debate was the most important and valuable part of their high school experience. I have seen the work study skills, the communication skills, and the leadership and character which have developed as a result of their time involved with NCFCA. They have made friendships in the league which continue to this day. Our time spent with the league has been a lifelong investment which has returned high yields. I am excited about the future of the league, and anticipate further growth for our family as our daughter continues in competition.”
– Kathleen Sewall – VA