Read what people are saying about NCFCA

Below are testimonials from people in our community.

“Everything about this competition was done professionally. I appreciated the fact that time was given to explain how the judging was to be done. I was totally blown away by the level of kids I was judging. The participants all presented their speeches and debates with passion and knowledge. The fact that all the participants were faith based home schooled was not lost by what I personally experienced. All the presentations took on a level that I have never seen while judging other contests. The participants were professionally dressed, well behaved and every one of the participants thanked me personally for judging them.

I was in tears during two of the biographical presentations. I teach kids through Junior Achievement and I have never had such a soul awaking to the potential of some of these kids.

I would encourage all my fellow Kiwanians, Rotarians and Lions and JA volunteers to join me. We all talk about how we want to help kids. This event allowed me to see how much value there is in home schooling. … I will be ever grateful for being asked to be a part of the event. The work that is done all in the name of home schooled faith based education is remarkable.  Next year I will not only come on my day off but I would take two personal days to do this event.”
– Robert Krakow – IL

“Stunning, absolutely stunning, is all I can say to describe what I experienced. … I felt like their words were directed to me personally! I love public speaking, especially when it makes an impact, and these young people were seriously giving me something to think about….Perhaps the speech that impacted me the most was on Greatness. The points James made resonated in my soul, and assisted me in developing character by helping me to reflect on what it means to be great.”
– Jean L. Bons – WA

“Did this last year and am judging again this year. One of the most positive days of last year as I watched these very impressive young people… If you need a shot of “what’s right with America” then jump into the mix.”
Tim Clark – AL

“I want to express my deepest regard and the honor I had in serving the NCFCA kids I was privileged to observe and evaluate!

I was blessed… Time and again, I was “moved” by the speeches I listened to, “amazed and in awe” of the debaters and blessed by the courtesy and respect all the young men and women demonstrated during the course of the three days.

I am humbled and happy to know, for the short time I was engaged, that the future is secure in these future leaders. Thank you for the opportunity to “tithe” my time and talents to NCFCA and I look forward to next year to have my “refill” of hope in the future.”
– John R. Marler – TX

“I wanted to express my gratitude to you for the opportunity to participate in such an amazing event.  … It was one of the most rewarding experiences I have had in a long time.   … The most important thing I encountered was that my hope for our country was renewed… I saw the hope and future of our world through these young men and women.  Everyone thanked me for my token opportunity to judge.  The “REAL HEROES” are the parents and grandparents that are in the trenches with these young people encouraging them to grow so they can meet the challenges of tomorrow.  These young adults were all remarkable.   I would accept any one of them in my college classes today!!!  And I am confident they would excel.

The “icing on the cake” for me was their joy for the LORD!  To hear them incorporate scripture and faith, almost brought me to tears on several occasions.

THANK YOU!!! AND KEEP ON DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING.  Our country and world are being impacted by your efforts. And the KINGDOM OF GOD is being glorified!”
– James R. McDonald – SC

“I had my doubts.  I was a rigorous competitor in both speech and debate in the National Forensic League in the 70’s.  I could not imagine a homeschool-based approach that could meet those standards.  I was invited to judge a debate tournament a few years ago, and I was overwhelmed.  Not only were the standards met, they were exceeded in every way.  Most importantly, the spiritual formation is at the core. This makes all the difference—to create all this excellence—-to glorify Him!

I am so excited and blessed to be part of it.  This year my children will be involved for the first time.  They are finally the right age.  This is one of a very few things I couldn’t wait for them to grow up for!!!”
– Julie Romeo – NJ

“First of all, the kids were terrific and secondly, you folks know how to put on a competition!”
– Larry Maher – OH

“My family and I had the privilege to attend and participate in an event that has left me greatly encouraged regarding the capable hands that are being prepared for the future.   …   I did not fully understand the breadth of preparation that is occurring under the auspices of the NCFCA.  I watched and judged young men and women, ages 12-18, do some remarkable things…  these young men and women represent a depth that I did not see in my generation and I do not think occurred in my parent’s generation.  The Lord is clearly preparing so many of their hearts in a manner that the fruit is already very evident…

I had the opportunity to judge both Team Policy debates and Lincoln Douglas debates. These young people showed all the skills of many top debating teams from around the country.  They had obviously done extensive research and were adept at the use of history and logic to make their points.  They could identify fallacies in their opponent’s argumentation and explain their own position.  They could effectively cross-examine and question their opponents.  They could respond to criticism and speak in coherent responses through their rebuttals.  It was wonderful to watch.  They made something that is very difficult to do, look easy.  … The Lord is doing a wonderful work in the preparation of these young men and women.  … This little competition was only a sample of what is happening across our country and it is very good.”
– JD Blom – WA

“Yesterday and today I have been judging an NCFCA Speech and Debate tournament. Let’s just say these young people have impressed me so much with their communication skills!

What a wonderful honor to be able to give feedback on these kids’ skills who hold the future of America in their hands. I have come away with so much! How I wish I would’ve had this experience when I was younger!
The atmosphere is one of maturity and competitiveness, but most of all, one of tangible Christ-like love. One thing that really made me proud to be here, was that there were two boys who prayed with each other before they debated each other. I think one thing about the debate we usually see (mostly presidential etc.) are disrespectful, full of fallacy, and just plain nonsensical. The debates that I saw yesterday were powerful, logical, and kind.

The NCFCA is teaching the next generation to think efficiently and equips them to defend the biblical and traditional truths of Jesus Christ. Great job NCFCA 🙂 I was very impressed!!!!”
– Elizabeth Andersen – WA

“I spent a few hours on Thursday and Friday judging the debates and speeches and, although it was genuine “work” to do a quality job as a judge, it was thoroughly enjoyable.  The orchestration of the event was flawless – everything on time, everyone prepared, back-ups in place (when my speeches ran long on Thursday, someone else “automatically” covered my next debate) and the staff members were knowledgeable, friendly, and supportive – very impressive.

However, most impressive were the students themselves – the quality of their debate performances and speeches, their demeanor and politeness, their values and ethics, and their obvious willingness to work hard to do an outstanding job.  The quality of thought, the structure of arguments and the ability to “think on your feet” for students 12 – 18 years of age was remarkable – actually exceptional.  Sometimes I question how the current generation of students will ever be able to handle the national and global problems they will undoubtedly face as adults versus becoming part of the problem themselves – these young people are clearly part of the solution.”
– Glen Bitzenhofer – OH