Speech Curriculum

We are thrilled to present our brand new Comprehensive Guide to Speech! Understanding how to articulate your thoughts is a vital component of any education, and this course will equip your students to effectively address life issues using the power and impact of the spoken word.


Listen to the IEW podcast as Andrew Pudewa and Julie Walker (of the Institute for Excellence in Writing)  interview Teresa Hudson on how to enhance students’ communication skills and foster an excellent learning environment, using The NCFCA Comprehensive Guide to Speech.


Complete Set

The set includes the Competitor’s Handbook, Coach’s Manual, Parent’s Guide, and a 20% discount! Club and Co-op leaders, coaches, and parents will want to take advantage of this offer. The set is the ideal resource for anyone who desires to be a better communicator or wants to train and inspire young people to shape their culture through communication skills.

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Competitor’s Handbook

This course is the springboard to effective communication, teaching students to excel not only in competitive speech, but in their everyday lives. Throughout the course students will discover the importance of honing a message, how to incorporate the elements of storytelling, and how to evaluate how their message is being received, all in an effort to increase their effectiveness as communicators.

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Coach’s Manual

The Coach’s Manual includes all contents of the Competitor’s Guide plus Coach-specific content: PowerPoint presentation for each lesson, group activities, sample schedules and lesson plan guides, streaming video of coaching sessions and sample speeches, instruction for all speech events, and student worksheets.

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Parent’s Guide

This Guide is the perfect resource for parents who may not serve as a designated speech coach, but wish to encourage and inspire their children in practice and competition. Parents of speech students easily keep up with their students’ assignments from class. The Guide includes links for supplementary PowerPoint presentations and streaming demonstration videos.

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