Moot Court Information Packet

by / Monday, 03 October 2016 / Published in The Source

The Moot Court information posted here is in four separate parts:



  • Draft of Moot Court Ballot – This is the draft of the final ballot that NCFCA will use in competition. There may be some adjustments, but this should give you an idea of how NCFCA Moot Court will be judged, and will allow students to practice with those things in mind.


  • Practice Packet – This is a slightly shorter version of a moot court “record,” not unlike the one that will be used in NCFCA competition in the spring. This contains the actual materials for use in competition, including court opinions from the trial and appellate courts in the fictional case. Note that the spring competition will use a different problem and fictional case, and this packet is provided to students to practice and learn the event by using a more limited version of the packet.


  • Bench Brief for Practice Packet –This is an example “bench brief” for the practice packet. A bench brief is used to provide judges with a plain-English overview of the issues that might come up in the round, to aid them in judging and make it easier to interrupt the students to question or challenge their arguments. Some bench briefs (such as this one) focus on a general overview and likely arguments by each side, while others may take different formats or include other content such as sample questions. While students do not always have access to bench briefs in competition, it is helpful for students at this stage of practice to understand the kind of information the judges are likely to receive.


The first two items (Overview and Ballot) are general material and the last two items are specifically designed to facilitate practice in moot court procedures and preparation. The actual packet of material (on a new case) to be used in competition will be released in early November.


This Friday (October 7 at 7:00 PM CST) and Saturday (October 8 at 3 PM CST) , NCFCA will host a short series of moot court webinars to discuss the practice packet, to walk students, coaches, and competitors through practice and preparation procedures, and to answer questions. To register for the Friday evening webinar, please click here. To register for Saturday afternoon session, please click here.