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NCFCA strives to equip students to communicate in a manner that glorifies God. It is also our desire to equip both students and leadership alike to have a most profitable and enjoyable competitive experience.

In these sections of the website you will find aids to assist you in both training and in tournament preparation. If there are things you would find helpful but are not available here, please let us know. Your suggestions and input are valuable as we work to make our site more effective.


"My daughter is a Debater, loves to research, format and son is a Presenter, loves to dress nicely, connect with the judge, “wing it”, and have a great time! Different styles, but they are making an effort to identify with each other’s gifts and aptitudes and complement each other well. They may be ready for other partners next year?  Tournaments have given us pressurized organizational skills. We are all benefitting from these long days and short nights, a mix of excitement and anticipation, all with the comfort of seeing friends and fellowshipping! GREAT FUN!! …

… But let me share my favorite glimpse into NCFCA’s impact on our family. Last year was our first year. The kids had gone to one practice tournament and done well, but at the next two qualifiers, they were disappointed with their efforts. “A new case” was the decision. Ha! I told my husband, “It’s not that easy”. Over that next week it was a family event to learn about a new technology, environmental harm, the financing of multi-million dollar proposals in the private sector. We ended up with another opportunity to work together, discover facts, learn respect and provide understanding. I know there are innumerable activities to get your kids involved in. We also support other activities...but nothing gives our whole family what speech and debate has through NCFCA."

J.C., IL