Families join NCFCA for many reasons. Some are looking for the academic benefits of competitive forensics, some are looking for social connections (NCFCA is a great place to build long-lasting relationships!), and others are looking to fulfill a high-school credit. Whatever your reason for checking into NCFCA, we are glad to have you!

NCFCA is structured so that families affiliate with the league on a yearly basis. (To determine if your family is eligible to affiliate, click here.) Affiliation brings with it many benefits, like participation in qualifying speech and debate tournaments, use of Affiliate-only resources like “The Source” and the Institute webinar series, special discounts on often used professional services, and much more.

Many families decide to gather together with other NCFCA families in their area with the goal of learning and practicing communication skills in order to prepare for competition in the league. These groups normally exist as a speech and debate “club,” but clubs are not part of NCFCA’s official membership structure. We are happy to work alongside these autonomous groups, and recognize the important work they are doing to help educate students, but interested families do not have to be a member of a club to be associated with the league.

If you desire to affiliate with NCFCA and there is no current club activity in your area, please talk with your State Representative or Regional Coordinator about how to connect with other potential families in your area to start a club, or how to take advantage of all NCFCA has to offer outside of having a club connection.

Please click here to get started with NCFCA! We are happy to have you.