Debate Curriculum

We are thrilled to present our brand new NCFCA Comprehensive Guide to Policy Debate! Understanding how to articulate your thoughts is a vital component of any education, and this course will equip your students to effectively address life issues using the power and impact of the spoken word.

Students will learn how to reason; research a topic; construct, defend, and refute an argument; and communicate in a persuasive way to many different types of audiences. In addition, this course offers students plenty of opportunities to exercise these skills through fun and practical hands-on activities that accompany each lesson. Throughout this course, students will also learn to apply a Christian worldview to the activity of debate and be inspired to use their communication skills in service to Christ.


Complete Set

The set includes the Competitor’s Handbook, Coach’s Manual, Parent’s Guide, and a 20% discount! Club and Co-op leaders, coaches, and parents will want to take advantage of this offer. The set is the ideal resource for anyone who desires to be a better communicator or wants to train and inspire young people to shape their culture through communication skills.

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Competitor’s Handbook

This course offers instruction on team policy debate for both novice and advanced high school debaters.

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