Affiliation Information





Welcome to NCFCA!

We are so pleased that you are interested in affiliating with us and competing at NCFCA sanctioned tournaments. Simply follow the steps below to activate your affiliation. If you have any problems, please do not hesitate to contact the NCFCA Office.

Steps to Affiliate

1) Check the Eligibility Requirements to make sure you are eligible to compete. You may find these requirements listed on the Eligibility page

Create an Account:

2) Click here to create an account within NCFCA’s system. You will be asked to set up your information with an email address that you would like to use for NCFCA correspondence and a password of your choosing. Be careful to fill out all required fields.

Complete Affiliation:

3) Once you have successfully created an account, go to the Affiliation section of your Dashboard (on the far right side) and click on “Affiliate.”

4) Read through the Affiliation Information and choose which type of affiliation best fits your circumstance.

5) Click Check Out. Please understand that by clicking Check Out, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions listed in the Affiliation Information.

6) This will take you to the payment page where you can choose to either pay by credit card or E-check. If you have any difficulty, please check to see that your address on your account matches the billing address; otherwise, your card may have difficulty processing. You should get an invoice via email once you have successfully affiliated.

Update your Student Information:

7) Once you have affiliated, return to your account and add your students to your profile by clicking on the “Add or Change Student Information” in the center section of your Dashboard. This step is very important because your students must be listed in order to register for NCFCA tournaments.

Congratulations on successfully affiliating with NCFCA! You should be receiving information regarding events in your area from your NCFCA Representatives soon. If you have any questions or need any help, please let your State Representative know by going to either the Leaders page in the “About NCFCA” section on the main website or by clicking on your area of the map on the Regions page.

Once again, welcome to NCFCA!


"NCFCA has been such a blessing for my family. My children have learned so many valuable skills and timely life lessons. When my son first started debating, he wasn't a strong speaker and his friends even teased him about making up words because of his poor pronunciation. But three years later, he had won many speaking awards, spoken to numerous organizations, and narrated many church productions. My daughter feared speaking in front of judges and groups, but after two years of competition, was able to confidently speak in competition as well as in large church settings. Thank you, NCFCA!

N.S. – Dunnavant, AL