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"I am so very grateful I had the opportunity to judge a portion of the tournament! Even though I have had a chance to see similar events in the past, I am always amazed at the level of talent these students show. They would surpass most adults, and even many seasoned public speakers in their ability to communicate!

 As I sat watching these students, trying to decide how I could possibly choose just one "winner" during each round, I had the overwhelming sense that I needed to gather every adult I knew, several young persons as well, and maybe even grab some people off the street, to come and witness the incredible capabilities these students displayed in every aspect of speech and debate. The young people that participated in the tournament were confident, articulate, well-rounded, organized, polite, respectful, intelligent, and just plain blew me away by their capacity to communicate their thoughts and ideas! Anyone who had the same opportunity I did to be involved in a tournament such as this, would feel very, very blessed knowing that our future is in the hands of bright young individuals such as these!"

 Christine (Community Judge)

NCFCA Tournaments

In keeping with the guidelines outlined in the National Tournament Structure, NCFCA sanctions both Regional and National level tournaments. Over the course of the competitive season, each region strives to offer 4 or 5 Qualifying Tournaments and host their Regional Invitational Tournament. The Regional Invitationals, National Opens and the National Championship are administered by the National Staff.

The National Committees and the Regional Leadership Teams are working tirelessly to secure facilities and prepare for a fruitful tournament season. The calendar below lists all competitive opportunities presently on the schedule. To see which specific tournaments are offered in your area, please choose the Regional Events tab in the menu bar. The National Events tab has all information pertaining to the National Opens and the National Championship.
All NCFCA events are listed by date here: