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Benefits of Affiliation


A Family Affiliation in NCFCA offers all eligible students in your family the privilege of competing in NCFCA sanctioned events during the year. For speech and debate, this includes all Regional Qualifiers held in the region of affiliation, all National Opens, and (if qualified) the Regional Invitational and National Championship. Other competition opportunities include an annual Essay Contest and an annual Short Film Contest. For more information on eligibility, click here.

Resolution Selection

Because NCFCA understands the importance of homeschool parents having a voice in the subject matter that their students will study, Affiliate Families may also cast votes for the upcoming season’s Debate topics. This voting process takes place in the spring. For more information about the process of choosing a resolution topic, click here.

Election of Leadership

Another important advantage to being an Affiliate is the ability to participate in the process of choosing your State Representative. NCFCA trusts and relies on the knowledge and judgment of Affiliates to recognize those that have great leadership skills and valuable tournament experience in their area. For more information on the process of electing State Representatives, click here.

Research Tools

To assist NCFCA families with developing excellent academic research and debate skills, each Affiliate family receives complimentary access to both the Team Policy and Lincoln-Douglas editions of The Source, the official NCFCA debate sourcebook, as well as the opportunity to subscribe to LexisNexis, the premiere online research database, at a fraction of the normal cost. Both of these resources, and others to come, will be available through your NCFCA Dashboard, once you have affiliated for the current season.

  • Market Value of The Source - $50 per style of debate (Available at no charge to Affiliates)
  • Market Value of yearly subscription to LexisNexis - $3,480 (Cost to NCFCA Students just $35)

HSLDA Discount Program

The NCFCA Discount Program offers NCFCA Affiliates $20 off HSLDA annual membership dues. Before you pay your HSLDA membership dues, contact the NCFCA Office to confirm your Affiliate status and receive the discount code.

  • Value of Discount for HSLDA membership - $20

Introducing 3 Brand new Benefits for our Affiliates!

Equipping Tools

One of the major expenses of speech and debate, and homeschooling in general, is the cost of office and school supplies, such as paper, binders, sticky notes, etc., and the cost of copying and printing all the materials necessary to prepare cases, briefs and speeches. To assist you in financially managing that expense, NCFCA has contracted with both Office Max and Office Depot to bring you deep discounts on all your homeschool printing and supply needs. For several years, NCFCA has been able to take advantage of a fantastic pricing structure for our tournament supplies and printing needs; this year, we’ve worked out an arrangement to extend this very significant discount to all our Affiliates! Your discount cards will be available through your NCFCA Dashboard once you have affiliated for the current season.

  • Value of Office Max and Office Depot Discount Card – Depends on how much you take advantage of it, but discounted products and printing are generally 60-80% off! For instance, normal printing costs are roughly $.10 per page, but with our discount, is only $.02 per page. (Discount card available at no charge to NCFCA Affiliates)

Training Opportunities

We are thrilled to announce another exciting new benefit this season! NCFCA will now be offering a series of webinars, intended to inspire, encourage, and equip your family for excellent competition and real-world engagement. This fall, Affiliates will have unique opportunities to join league leaders, veteran parents, NCFCA Alumni and other special guests in interactive monthly sessions as we explore topics on skill development, club dynamics, attending tournaments for the first time, impacting communities, and more! Our goal is to bring relevant topics to you in a convenient format, supplying you with the tools you need to have a successful experience with NCFCA. For more information, click here.

  • Value of Webinar Series - $100


NCFCA has arranged to offer our Affiliates the highly acclaimed eKnowledge SAT/ACT Prep courses (PowerPrep Program) as an aid to preparing our students for excellence for just the cost of shipping/handling. The SAT or ACT PowerPrep™ Program is available online (Cloud version) or DVD. The Program includes more than 11 hours of video instruction and 3000+ files of supplemental test prep material, thousands of interactive diagnostic tools, sample questions, practice tests and graphic teaching illustrations. Your discount link for this program will be available through your NCFCA Dashboard once you have affiliated for the current season.

  • Value of eKnowledge SAT/ACT Prep courses - $250 (Available to NCFCA Affiliates for only the cost of shipping and handling – around $17.00 to $20.00 depending on which version of the Prep Course you choose)
"I've been involved with NCFCA for eight years, as both a competitor and a coach. I am extremely grateful for the opportunities the league has provided. Debate was literally life-changing for me, sharpening my reasoning and communication skills and setting me on a course for my current job as a teacher. I truly believe I wouldn't be where I am today if NCFCA hadn't challenged and inspired me during high school.

As a coach, I encourage homeschooled students to participate in NCFCA events, regardless of their natural inclinations toward speech and debate. I've seen novices develop confidence and excitement about public speaking, while more experienced students gain a polish and skill level that would be impossible without high-level competition. Not only do they get excited about communication, they are also learning critical thinking, intellectual curiosity, and research skills. I am so grateful that NCFCA makes these unique opportunities available to homeschoolers!"

David Vogel, NC