2018-2019 Events Announced

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Team Policy (Final wording subject to change)
Resolved: The USFG should substantially reform its foreign policy regarding international terrorism.

Lincoln Douglas Choices (Final wording subject to change)
Resolved: When in conflict, governments should value fair trade above free trade.

Moot Court
All National level events will feature Moot Court as a regular part of NCFCA competition

Speech Events

Limited Preparation:
Apologetics (APOL, same topics)
Impromptu (IMP, new category of topics)
Extemporaneous (EXT, with cross-ex in elim rounds)

Biblical Thematic (BT)
Duo Interp (DUO)
Open Interp (OPEN)
Oratorical Interp (ORAT)

Illustrated Oratory (IO)
Informative (INFO)
Persuasive (PERS)

10 Responses to “2018-2019 Events Announced”

  1. Paula Jones says : Reply

    My recent experiences with your program (judging and watching my Harrison grandchildren) has given me great hope for the upcoming millenials!

    We also have a granddaughter in Ankeny, Ohio and others in Shreveport, Louisiana. I don’t see those areas included with your local club listings. Can you send information to help teens living in those areas to get involved with NCFCA?
    Thank you.

  2. Renee says : Reply

    I am looking for the rules section of this website but having trouble finding it. This will be our second year doing NCFCA in the Tulsa area. We have not participated in the acting events before but I have two sons who are both in the junior league and they are interested in doing a duo interp. My question is regarding the cutting of the stories or literature used in this event. Is it permissible to use an already published script or do the students have to write the material themselves or cut the material themselves from original source literature?
    Thank you for any guidance you could provide in this area. Please email me directly with response if possible.

    • Diana Hines says : Reply

      The speech rules can be found via the Tournament Resources link under NCFCA Library on your family dashboard. Once you are on the page, select “Speech” from the category drop down menu. If you have specific questions that are not answered by the rules page, you can email speechcommittee@ncfca.org.

  3. Kristen Leavins says : Reply

    What is an oratorical interp? Is it similar to original interp?

  4. YG says : Reply

    When will we be able to see the competitive opportunities for the 2018-2019 year? We’d like to try to see them before affiliating for 2019 if possible.

  5. Christi says : Reply

    Did we miss the moot court case? When will information about it be available? Thank you!

    • Diana Hines says : Reply

      General information regarding Moot Court for next year will be available soon. The Problem Packet will be available October 15, 2018.

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